About:  GTI Infotel

GTI Infotel is an ISO 9001:2008 organization providing the Information Services (IS) and Healthcare IT industry cutting edge solutions that are affordable and backed by a reliable support. GTI designs, customizes, updates, manages, and support IS and Healthcare IT products and services for clients. From development to deployment, organizations can rely on GTI's expertise at every step.

The company’s flagship product GTIVistA EHR (Electronic Health Record) has been recognized across the world and is one of the few recommended by OSEHRA.org. GTI has extensive experience in working with the VistA and has developed and released its work on Open Source for the good of the entire community.
GTI employs over 200 dedicated staff across the US & India.


GTI specializes in Healthcare & GIS/GPS based IT Solutions. It's different business verticals provide the following products & services:

Healthcare IT products & services:


    GTI provides Medical Call Center, Billing, Coding, Data entry & other related services along with GTIVistA EHR as a turn-key solution to its clients.

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  • GTIVistA EHR

    GTIVistA EHR is an enterprise-wide Electronic Health Record built around open source VistA EHR, complimented by comprehensive suite of proprietary PMS/HIMS.

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  • GTI Telemedicine

    Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. GTI used this to overcome distance barriers.

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  • MedVantage

    The Healthcare Staffing vertical of GTI provides medical staff to hospitals, clinics & healthcare companies in the US. From Nurses to Healthcare IT professionals

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Information Systems & IT Products & Services:

  • GTI GTS (GPS Tracking System)

    A web based Vehicle Tracking application that has been designed for tracking vehicle fleets, equipment, people, containers, and merchandise. GTI has developed a cross platform solution catering to various verticals requiring tracking system to better.

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  • GTI RMS (Route Management System)

    GTI has developed an accurate GIS based Round Trip Distance (RTD) Route Management System (RMS), for identifying the shortest all weather motor- able route for transportation of Vehicle between the Supply and Delivery Location.

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  • GTI GIS Services

    A cross platform software applications are too generic to support an organization's specific needs efficiently. With a sound data foundation in place, several applications can be purchased, developed, and/or customized to help

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  • TechVantage

    The IT Staffing vertical of GTI provides IT staff to companies in across the world. From programmers to project managers, organization can depend on TechVantage to augment their team with the best possible candidate.

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