Passenger Information System

Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETM)

Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM) is a 32-bit ARM micro-controller based handheld unit with built-in Thermal Printer for printing tickets. It communicates with the controller unit through WiFi/ Bluetooth. It passes the ticketing transaction to the controller unit (for transmission to the back office) on real-time basis.

The information related to various bus routes (including route number, bus stops on the route, location data of the bus stops, distance, ticket charges etc.) is downloaded into the machine. Before going on a route, the route number is installed on the machine. The machine picks up the relevant route information from the database and get ready for use.

The ETM has an inbuilt ISO7816 compatible smart card reader and contactless card reader based on ISO14443 type A/B. The ETM has various communication interfaces for connecting to other devices. These include RS232C serial Port, Ethernet (TCP/IP) port, WiFi/Bluetooth interface, USB device port etc.

The ETM supports a keypad with Alphanumeric keys, navigation keys, special keys and programmable function keys. It supports a graphic LCD display screen with backlight.

The ETM supports multi-level access security. It has large capacity Lithium Ion battery for long operation time. The unit can be easily charged from the Bus battery inside the bus or from AC mains through an adaptor at depot/ terminus.

Specifications of ETM
  • 32 bit ARM microprocessor
  • compatible with integrated controller unit
  • graphic LCD display screen with backlight
  • keypad with Alphanumeric keys, navigation keys, special and programmable function keys
  • RS232C Serial port, Ethernet(TCP/IP) port, USB port
  • WiFi/ bluetooth enabled
  • Built-in Smart card reader (ISO 7816 1-2-3)
  • Built in contactless reader (ISO 14443 type A/B)
  • Built in memory to store route information, fare data.
  • Integrated Thermal printer for printing fixed fare tickets, destination wise tickets, schedules, bill summary, daily reports as per UPSRTC formats etc
  • Multi-level security access modules
  • large capacity Lithium Ion battery for long operation time
  • Capable of charging inside the bus (from bus battery) as well back at depot (from AC mains)

Features of Electronic Ticketing Machine
  • Password based user authentication
  • Secure data communication with Depot Manager
  • Various route support including complex 'route A' support
  • Supports scheduled and non scheduled fleet management
  • Repeat & group ticket facility to reduce entry again
  • Trip continue, cancel, break support
  • Online crew change support for long routes
  • Vigilance user login support to inspect the total transactions
  • Important reports to tally, verify and summarize ETM data