Bed Management Systems

GTI's Bed Management System (BMS) is a web based application that allows the staff of the hospital, particularly the care providers, manage and predict the patient throughput along with capacity with predictive analytics. With the capability to connect patients to the most appropriate beds as per the need of the patient. GTI's BMS very well integrates with the existing HIMS system, particularly with the Admission-Discharge-Transfer(ADT) systems and is HL7 compliant for seamless connectivity.

Various features & benefits that allows GTI's Bed Management System provide an improved care coordination..

  • Use dashboard to display real time data for analytics purposes.
  • Customized Screens & Reports.
  • Improved bed search and bed assignment.
  • Provide a real-time view of bed occupancy and status.
  • Helps in predictive planning to manage the patient influx.
  • User-friendly view of all inpatient beds and availability.
  • Improved resource utilization.
  • Improved admission process.
  • Improved patient flow.
  • Notifications for discharges, and bed cleaning.
  • Coordinate Housekeeping.
  • Improved discharge planning.
  • Reduce off-service and transfers.
  • Integrates with existing HIMS/ADT systems.
  • Web-based application.
  • HL7 compliant.

Customized User Role Based View

1. Administrator
  • Departmental summary view, roll-up view of all units
  • Track admission, placement and discharge performance
  • identify problem areas for focussed improvement efforts.

2. Bed Allocators
  • Understand current and future capacity demands
  • Identify critical areas for immediate intervention
  • Improve communication with support areas
  • Quick identification of patients requiring isolation, or speciality beds.

3. Housekeeping
  • Immediate notification of cleaning and transportation requests.
  • Tracks progress of requests to minimize bed down time.
  • Closed loops communication- confirmation messages received by intended recipient.