Passenger Information System

Integrated Controller/DCU in the Bus

The Controller unit is the heart of the system that controls all the devices on board & communicates with the Central Control Room. It has following ports for interfacing to various devices.
  • Serial Ports
    • RS232C ports
    • RS485 ports
  • Audio output ports
  • USB Host port
  • CAN Port
  • Ethernet Port
  • Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth

Features of the Driver Console Unit (DCU)
  • User friendly user interface with 7" TFT touch screen
  • Password based user authentication for driver
  • Secure data communication with Central server over GPRS and WI-FI
  • Interface with CAN bus and camera
  • Support LED displays on 485 port
  • Automatic stage change facility based on GPS with line-out facility for voice announcement
  • Manual overriding option for driver to choose next stop / stage
  • Synchronize ETM over serial communication
  • Advertisement module to generate revenue
  • Alert module to display various public alerts /warnings

Specifications of the Controller Unit
  • Compatible with Ticketing machine: Receive and transmit transaction to back office
  • Control Passenger information Systems (LED Signs and Voice announcement)
  • Automatic announcement of stop & next stop
  • Interface Vehicle tracking Device
  • Transmit GPS Location of Bus and Route Number data to back office for Vehicle Tracking,
  • Driver Bus Route Guidance
  • Operate Master Type Multiplex Wiring System with Current Measurement on each output with Automatic Trip facility
  • Provides 'Onboard Diagnostics Display'
  • Operate 2 Cameras with display on Integrated controller Screen with memory back up for at least 48 hour recording - Recording using MJPEG compression
  • Resolution of approx. 320x280 pixels at 5 FPS
  • Support for 8GB multi-media card
  • Extensive search facility
  • 1GB memory
  • USB Host Port, Ethernet port, RS232C port, RS485 ports, CAN port, WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Support Hindi and English language display
  • Built-in Battery backup
  • Works on Bus Battery

The Controller unit interfaces with following devices
  • On Board LED Display
  • Voice Announcement Device
  • Vehicle Tracking Device
  • On Board Camera
  • Electronic Ticketing Machine (thru WiFi/Bluetooth)