Coal Delivery Monitoring System

GTI has developed a Custom application for Coal Field Operations. The system incorporates GPS Devices to be put in the trucks that are carrying coal from the Mines, IP cameras, RF Boom Barriers at Weigh Stations, and other related devices. The application seamless integrates all hardware & software into a single unified system.

The   System:     Features

  • Tracks the vehicle live & replays.
  • Enable the Manager Office of the Mines / control room to manage the transportation of coal movement within the mines on a real time basis.
  • Monitors Route Deviations & excessive delays while producing GPS generated Total Distance Traveled Report.
  • Captures the video stream & snapshots of the trucks sends the truck images generated in weigh bridges to be automatically transmitted to AHQ server. The weigh bridges are equipped with RFID based Boom Barrier that operates on arrival of the Trucks.
  • The GPS system has provision to generate Maps for Dynamic geofencing (Point, Line and Polygon), Facility of zoom in, zoom out and panning, Facility to turn on/ off of map layers, Ensure security and confidentiality of data captured, Facility to create Dynamic Routes on the Map Engine by clicking on the Map, Facility to calculate the distance on the map between two or more points, Map Engine should have an option for Full Screen viewing, All the moving GPS fitted vehicle should be shown as an icon in the geographical view, Displays different icons for vehicles on trip and not on trip. Map for the VTS application should be on minimum 1:10000 scale.
  • The GPS system generates SMS & email alerts in: when a trip starts initially from the source point, when a trip ends at the destination point, when the GPS unit was tampered or cut off from the vehicle battery, Route Violation Stoppage beyond specific period.
  • The system generates several reports such as: Route Violation Alert / Report, Idle & Stoppage Report, Abnormal Delay in reaching destination (> one hour delay), Total Distance Traveled Report along with Trip Report (daily / weekly basis) & also calculate total weight and trips made by each vehicle per day /week/month.

The      Methodology

  • Supply, installation & commissioning of GPS devices, IP cameras & PCs one each in weighbridges, PTP IP Radios, PTMP radio, CPEs & Towers and its software to host on central data base WEB server installed at HQ of each Areas. It further incorporates RF ID readers, Boom Barrier based access control system along with IR / photo electric sensors in the mine entry / exit point & sidings along with associate electronics & login access for Mines Manager Office (control rooms) & other offices.
  • All the softwares are interfaced with adjunct units like RF ID Readers & Boom Barrier with IR sensor interface, IP Radio system interface, Video surveillance is part of the system. The video feed records in the NVR that is located at respective Area HQ.
  • Application software covers software for tracking GPS based devices mounted on vehicles, and for triggering Boom Barrier & Traffic signal at check post ( entry /exit point ) & Siding of the mine & for taking snapshot & video stream of trucks by IP Cameras including IP Radio network system.
  • Application software is developed for two type of vehicles transportation used in the mines, one for internal transportation of coal from mines / loading point to the siding / dispatch point & the other is for the road sales for dispatch of coal from mines to the exist point of the mine(s). The software is capable of generating minewise / Sub area wise MIS reports of total nos of vehicles entered to the weighbridges for both type of vehicles along with total weighment of coal separately for each weighbridge / mine.
  • The software covers entire operations of transportation of coal for every vehicle covered under this contract, right from entry in the mining area at the check post to the unloading points.