Consult Request Tracking

The Consult/Request Tracking package provides an efficient way for clinicians to order consultations and procedures from other providers or services within the hospital system, at their own facility or another facility


  • Allows direct access to Consults functions through menu options in CPRS.
  • Uses Consults' own menu options for managing the system, generating reports, tracking consults, or entering results for an existing consult request.
  • Allows staff to set up consults as CPRS Quick Orders, streamlining the ordering process.
  • Integrates with Prosthetics to track Home Oxygen, Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, and other Prosthetics services.
  • Produces a permanent record of the request and resolution for the patient's medical record.
  • Allows all relevant parties to see the consult report in the context of the patient's record.
  • Allows use of TIU templates and boilerplate to report findings.
  • Allows display of Consult reports through TIU and CPRS.
  • Enables clinicians to order a consult at another facility, using HL7 Messaging