GPS Mapping and Tracking System for ROW Patrolling

     WRPL,Gauridad recently conducted a one-day program on Global Positioning System(GPS) Mapping & Tracking system to strengthen mainline Right Of Way(ROW) patrolling through the latest monitoring technology. The program was attended by 22 executives from different Station of WRPL.

Mr. S D Kamewad, (DGM) (Mainline),stressed upon the need to monitor patrolling activities of Directorate of Rehabilitation(DGR) Guards to ensure that they do the night petrolling as per schedule and spend time at different crossing and ROW.

 In the WRPL, Gauridad; representative of GTI Infotel, Mr. Ankit Gupta (Project Manager) demonstrate Global Positioning System(GPS) Mapping & Tracking system and discussed all the queries related to this system. The main purpose of implementing this system is to lower down the prilfirage attempts on the pipeline.