Radiology/Nuclear Medicine

Radiology/Nuclear Medicine automates the entire range of diagnostic functions performed in imaging departments, including order entry of requests, registration of patients for exams, processing of exams, recording of reports/results, verification of reports on-line, displaying/printing results for clinical staff, automatic tracking of requests/exams/reports, and generation of management statistics/reports, both recurring and ad hoc.


Functionality is screened by Imaging Type to make it look as if there are separate sub-packages. Many options are also screened by or allow selection by division and/or imaging location.

  • There is on-line patient registration for exams, automatic printing of flash cards and jacket labels, and transcription of patient radiological/nuclear medicine reports.
  • Management reports include workload, complications and ad hoc summaries, daily activity logs, examination statistics, and performance indicators.
  • Health Level 7 (HL7) (e.g., voice-to-text and PACS equipment) standard for interfacing with non VistA computer systems is supported for the exchange of radiology/nuclear medicine results.
  • There is on-line physician verification of radiological/nuclear medicine exam reports using electronic signatures
  • Stop codes and procedures associated with a radiological/nuclear medicine exam are automatically credited for reimbursement purposes.
  • It interfaces with the Computerized Patient Record System module for entry of radiology/nuclear medicine requests and display of results to clinical staff.It interfaces with the Adverse Reaction Tracking (ART) module by allowing users to add contrast media reactions to ART via the Radiology/Nuclear Medicine package.
  • It allows for the selection and printing of multiple reports.