Nursing Care


The nursing software includes the following functionalities:
  • Administration:
    • Tracks staff information.
    • Generates management reports on employees.
    • Accumulates daily statistics on the number of patients treated.
    • Generates daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly AMIS Reports.
    • Provides workload statistics based on AMIS data.
    • Provides miscellaneous patient acuity reports.
  • Clinical:
    • Contains a patient classification system which generates reports by bed section and ward.
    • Includes nationally developed standard nursing care plans for initiating patient care plan generation.
    • Allows nurses to generate a patient care plan based on patient problems, identified goals, and specified nursing interventions.
    • Allows a staff nurse to update a patient's nursing ward location and/or nursing AMIS bed section to insure accurate patient classification entries.
    • Allows users to enter vital signs, height, and weight for patients. Allows users to generate Intake and Output reports, an End of Shift Report, and a Health Summary Report by patient or ward.