Health Summary

A Health Summary is a clinically oriented, structured report that extracts many kinds of data from VistA and displays it in a standard format. Health summaries can be printed or displayed for individual patients or for groups of patients. The data displayed covers a wide range of health-related information such as demographic data, allergies, current active medical problems, and laboratory results.


Integrates data from the following packages:

Adverse Reaction Tracking Nursing (Vital Signs)
Automated Medical Information Outpatient Pharmacy
Exchange (AMIE) Patient Care Encounter (PCE)
Clinical Reminders Problem List
Computerized Patient Record Progress Notes
System (CPRS) Radiology
Consults/Request Tracking Registration
Dietetics Scheduling Discharge Summary
Social Work Inpatient Medications
Spinal Cord Dysfunction Laboratory System
Surgery Medicine
Mental Health VistA Imaging