Patient Vitals Monitoring

The Vitals/Measurements application is designed to store, in the patient's electronic medical record, all vital signs and various measurements associated with a patient's hospital stay or outpatient clinic visit.


  • Contains a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to make editing and viewing of data easier.
  • Supports documentation of a patient's vital signs (e.g., temperature, pulse, and respiration).
  • Tracks a patient's height, weight, central venous pressure (CVP), circumference/girth, and oxygen saturation via oximetry with supplemental oxygen information.
  • Supports documentation of detailed or positional blood pressures for a patient (i.e., bilateral blood pressures taken in a sitting, standing, and lying position).
  • Associates qualifiers (alpha characters appended to the measurement's numeric value) to provide a more detailed description of the patient's vitals/measurements.
  • Prints patient's cumulative measurements on the Vital Signs Record and the Cumulative Vitals Report.
  • Displays latest information on all of the patient's vitals/measurements in both metric equivalents and U.S. customary units along with the date/time the information was obtained.
  • Prints expanded vitals graphic report, which includes the patient's intake and output when present in the patient's database (refer to the Intake and Output application).
  • Allows facilities to establish hospital-wide high and low values for each vital sign or measurement.
  • Identifies abnormal patient values on vitals/measurements reports (those values outside the high and low range).
  • Prints the following patient measurements in a linear graphic format when using a Kyocera F-800A or HP compatible (programmable) printer:
    • Temperature and pulse.
    • Weight.
    • Pulse oximetry and respiration.
    • Pain.
  • If reports are printed on a dot matrix printer, plotted data values are not connected by a line.
  • Passes patient vitals/measurements information (numeric values only) within a specific date range to the Health Summary application.
  • Records a reason for the omission of a patient's vitals/measurements.