Medical Analytics

Healthcare Analytics and Informatics (HAI) solutions enables providers to improve care, reduce cost, increase operational efficiency and monitor compliance to regulations. These solutions will leverage analytics tools to create a value-based experience which includes analyzing patient outcomes and quality of care, evaluating organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and creating solutions to uncover chronic and emerging health issues.

  • MU Reports Genie
  • Scalable Healthcare Analytics Platform
  • Analytics Consulting

MU Reports Genie

Audit and monitoring tools for providers to measure Meaningful Use (Stage I & Stage II) compliance and performance at the point of care for real-time identification and remediation.

  • Vendor-agnostic tool with capability to synthesize data from disparate systems to produce one source of truth for MU measures and CQM
  • Generates summary view with score card and drill down ability to identify specific areas of non-compliance for root cause analysis
  • Audit and monitor patients during the entire stay to proactively identify opportunities for compliance
  • Alerts and notification when at risk of not meeting MU measures
  • Cloud Hosting with web accessibility and ability to generate ad-hoc reports in an easy manner

Scalable Healthcare Analytics Platform

Business intelligence platform across patient populations and throughout the continuum of care.

  • Use of Data Fusion techniques and Starter Data Sets to increase ROI while scaling to meet provider's data demands and analytics needs
  • Real time reports to improve patient outcomes and increase operational efficiencies
  • Scalable infrastructure to "free" data from multiple data sources to create informative reports and dashboard that answer critical operational and clinical questions
  • Modules include – auditing and monitoring, workflow efficiency, care management, outcomes tracking, quality reporting, financial projections and many more

Analytics Consulting

Utilizes provider data and Anthelio's expertise to create a strategic data roadmap that aligns to providers' analytical vision while focusing on patient outcomes, operational effectiveness and financial health.

  • Based on Anthelio's assessment of provider's current analytical maturity
  • Rapid identification of current gaps - reducing the time to realized value
  • Use of best practices and tools most suited to the provider based on its financial constraints and analytical objectives