Medical Coding

Medical Coding is the process of transforming descriptions of medical diagnoses & procedures into universal medical code numbers. It is done by a medical coder after reviewing the physician narrative written during medical interactions with a patient. Any kind of errors in medical insurance billing and coding may lead to a huge set of problems including claim denials, claim delays and other hassles. Insurance coding outsourcing to a reliable provider would be a great support for healthcare practitioners looking to secure timely reimbursement from private or government payers.

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Most of the medical facilities do not have enough time to spare for medical billing and coding. Being a professional insurance coding outsourcing company,We offers end-to-end medical insurance billing / coding solutions to clients all over the world. we have a team of highly skilled and experienced medical insurance coding professionals who can accurately code for different medical diagnoses, tests, medical procedures and treatments.

We provides

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  • Security to protect patient data
  • Compliant with all government rules and regulations
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